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Learn About Richardson, TX

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Learn About Richardson, TX


Richardson, TX, is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, specifically sitting just outside Dallas and bordering Plano and Garland. It’s close to Interstate 635, and both highway 75 and the President George Bush Turnpike run through it. This city straddles Dallas and Collin counties.

Richardson is considered a rather wealthy suburb of Dallas, as its over 100,000 residents have high incomes and significant financial wealth. Spread over 28 square miles of geographic area, the city of Richardson, TX, also is home to over five thousand different businesses. Telecom, networking, and health care corporations all have operations in this place. The University of Texas at Dallas also calls this place home.

This city is considered an ‘inner’ suburb of Dallas, as it is very close in proximity to the city itself. Residents who live here but work in Dallas do not have long commutes in heavy traffic on narrow highways going from city to suburb. Quite a few primary roads criss-cross Richardson and lead seamlessly into neighboring communities.

The airports of the region also make it easy to travel to the rest of the country. Given the south-central location, most flights to continental United States destinations are often three hours or less. International flights to Asia and Europe depart daily, and flights to Mexico, the Caribbean, and the northern nations of South America only take a few hours as well. This all helps this region be a hub of commerce and business.

Several large lakes are only a short distance from Richardson, and of course all the sports and entertainment Dallas has to offer is within driving distance, be it NBA action hosted by the Dallas Mavericks or the other professional franchises in the city.

Texas summers are notoriously hot and long, but the rest of the year’s mild weather more than makes up for it.