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Try These Three Top Restaurants In Richardson TX

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Try These Three Top Restaurants In Richardson TX


Did you read about the last restaurants that we featured from Richardson, Texas? It is time for three more good ones, and let’s start out with a restaurant named after the state itself, literally. The restaurant is called Texas, and it is located on Shire Boulevard. Have you ever heard of bang bang shrimp being on the menu? Perhaps you would like some ribs, steaks or chocolate cake.

That is a good restaurant and a great representation of Texas. Now let’s take a look at another Richardson, Texas restaurant, Liberty Burger, which is also located on Shire Boulevard like Texas. It sounds funny to say the state as a name of the restaurant, but that’s what it was of course. One reviewer mentioned that Liberty Burger also has healthy choices, and the onion rings are mentioned in the review highlights.

Noodle Wave on West Spring Valley Road is another top restaurant in Richardson TX. Are you up for some Thai food? My sister absolutely loves Thai food, and she is a big fan of many different dishes. I have only tried certain ones, and while Thai food isn’t exactly my favorite, it would be cool to try this restaurant. Are you up for Noodle Wave in Richardson?

Let’s explore this last Richardson restaurant, and it is called Marcus Cafe. Marcus Cafe is on Custer Parkway, and it is known for pizza, tequila shrimp and prime rib. One reviewer talks about a good coconut creme pie, too. What about some chicken tacos? You have some great picks for eating excellent food in Richardson TX so you should have several great meals, if you have time. If you are just passing through and can only make one stop, which one are you going to choose? I would go with the first restaurant called Texas because it has chocolate cake.